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Deviation from usual content...well kind of.

I keep all my FLAC files on a NAS.

One of these:

It a great machine, more than powerful enough for what I use it for (including Plex Server, file Server, Apple Time Machine backup, etc...).

But the noise it makes and the temps it registers have been bothering me for a while.

CPU was idling in the high 70s (celsius) and the fan noise was not pleasant in the room it sits - which is also my office!

Job 1: New thermal Paste

Dismantled the the whole thing, which was not easy because I could not find any schematics online.

Eventually got the system board out, carefully removed the heatsink off the CPU and cleaned up the touching surfaces - much scraping of crusty old paste.

Applied some fresh Arctic Silver thermal paste and put everything back together.

Temps dropped to high 60s. Not bad, but the fan noise was still annoying.

Job 2: New Case fan

Spent a while googling this one. Unfortunately I could not find mention of anyone else that had done this.

So for those that stumble here - it is quite a simple Job.

I dismantled the unit again and pulled the old fan.

For reference, it is a Delta AFB0912HH

I knew I had to replace it with a 92mm fan with a 3 pin connector. Other than that I had no idea about compatibility.

Much um-ing and arr-ing later I went for this one:

It's a be quiet! BL045

So far so good.

Temps are holding in mid 50s and the fan, which has it's profile set to cool (i.e. max) is much quieter.

My headache is already clearing.


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