You Spin me right round

After selling the Yamaha player I though I could live without a CD player.

Every new CD is ripped to FLAC, added to the Plex server and streamed through the house.

But it is just not the same.

There was a hole in my life and it needed filling.

I miss the ritual of picking the disc from the shelf, ejecting the tray and sitting back and just listening. Something I don't seem to do when streaming from my Plex server or Spotify; the temptation to jump around is just too great.

Picking up vinyl has got be back into the habit of just listening to an Album start to finish. Going on the journey as the artist intended.

Since I have just just picked up a new Marantz Receiver my OCD dictated I had to get a matching player.

Here is my new CD player.

A Marantz CD5005.

I did consider the 6006, but reviews were great for this player and I though I could save some money.

So far I am an extremely happy bunny.

The sound is so much richer than the Yamaha. I'm picking up more detail in the music and the forwardness of the delivery is more suited my my taste. I always found the Yamaha a little subdued. A little laid back and safe.

It will do for now.

Although I'm already thinking about how I can introduce a dedicated stereo amplifier into my setup...

The Marantz receiver is so much better musically than my previous Denon. But I still feel I am missing something. Maybe I should just stop hanging around AV and Audio forums.


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